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"A Call to Arms - Carlton County in WWI"

    Enjoy views of our current exhibit!

Introductory Panel

WWI Started in 1914 in Europe

When the US entered the war in 1917, recruits were sent to training camps

At home, people sent letters, knit socks, and bought Liberty loans

to support the troops

Joe Storey joined the Navy and was stationed in Cuba

Gas masks protected the troops from poisonous gas

Oliver Huot was a translator in Paris

Many overseas troops wrote letters home from Red Cross stations

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Photo Exhibit


CCHS Barn Photo Committee

        Here is a sample of barns recently photographed by the CCHS Barn Photo committee. We started in the Kalevala, Mahtowa and Atkinson township area, and still have many more barns in that area to photograph. Then we added a few more townships, and still have many more to go.


        The Barn Photo committee meets the first Wednesday of every month at 10:30 am. If you are interested in joining us, just ask our staff, or call us at 218-879-1938, or attend a meeting. Many volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks.

        One volunteer, Gunila Jannson, donated old barn wood for the frames of these photos on exhibit. Another volunteer, Rachel Johnson, put the frames together.

        Thank you, Barn Committee volunteers for all you do!


From Carlton County Historical Society Collection

        In the Research Library we have many photos of historic barns. All are identified by township location, but not all are identified by owner's name. Most of the barns in these historic photos are no longer standing.

        The goal of the Barn Photo committee is to photograph Carlton County barns before they disappear altogether.



Barn Styles

        Carlton County barns are mostly the Dairy Barn style, because of the type of farming found in this area. How many Dairy Barn style barns do you see in this exhibit? How many other styles can you find?