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Where the Coffee is FRESH and the history is HOT!

Each year the Carlton County Historical Society serves the citizens of Carlton County, former residents, and visitors to the area in a variety of ways.


Our library is a smorgasbord of information. We've got census data, marriage certificates, newspaper files, naturalization records, microfilm, maps and more. If you can't visit us - order take out - we are available to research your questions by mail, phone, or e-mail.


We serve a rotating schedule of exhibits throughout the year, so there is always something new on the menu! Look for our mouthwatering exhibits at the Historical Society Building, the Carlton County Fair, and businesses and organizations throughout the county.


We offer big portions of programming throughout the year that cater to a wide range of learners. Write your memoir, learn how to take care of your mother's wedding dress or sit back and enjoy a delicious history lecture.

History of the Carlton County Historical Society

The Carlton County Historical Society was formed in 1949 by a group of interested citizens as a sub-committee of the Cloquet Rotary Club who wished to have a vehicle to collect and preserve the history of Carlton County. It functioned as a volunteer organization for a number of years using makeshift spaces in Carlton. The Society found a home at the Garfield School in Cloquet in 1980 and had one part-time employee. In 1987 the Society was moved to a permanent location in the Shaw Memorial Building in Cloquet. The Society also owns several buildings on the Carlton County Fair Grounds in Barnum where outreach activities are held.

The stated mission of the Carlton County Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and disseminate the history of the county.

Visitors viewing changing exhibits at CCHS museum



We invite you to become a member. The important work of collection, preservation, and dissemination of our history here in Carlton County requires your support. Please take a few moments and become a member.


Cloquet Ave. 1950

To become a member,

send your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, along with payment to:

Carlton County Historical Society

406 Cloquet Avenue

Cloquet, MN 55720

Phone: 218-879-1938

Email: info@carltoncountyhistory.org

Carlton County Historical Society Board Members

Susan Zmyzlony, President

Emily Fuerste Swanson, Vice President

Cynthia Johnson, Secretary

Dawn Bergeron, Treasurer

Ed Kavanaugh

Bob Bomier

Cloquet Avenue, Cloquet's Main Street, in the 1950s