Due to Covid-19, we are not able to accept items into our collection. We will let you know as soon as this changes.

Donations of historical artifacts, records, or photographs to the historical society are reviewed for acceptance into the CCHS collection. If the item is not appropriate for our collections, we reserve the right to find a more suitable collection or sell the object to support our collection. Once accepted, we ask donors to sign a donation agreement with the Historical Society stating the following: I hereby give the items listed above to the Carlton County Historical Society as an unrestricted gift. I acknowledge that this contribution becomes the permanent property of the Carlton County Historical Society to be utilized at the discretion of the Society.

We also welcome monetary donations so that we can continue offering quality services to our public. Donations to the Historical Society are tax deductible.

Recently received donations:

Vicky Fosnock - 2 Cloquet photos

Aitkin County Historical Society - Pine Needle newsletters

Pine County Historical Society - Carlton Chatterbox newsletter

Janice Beberg - bassinet & WWII letter, family photos & records

Carlton County Auditor's Office - papers & maps of Carlton County school districts

Ted Weyerhaeuser - Book on Frederick Weyerhaeuser

Mary Kay Perttula - shoe tree, piano roll, 4 Mountie calendars

Rose M. Wright - hat

Terry Golden - pins, magazine, photos, booklet, Labor Day pin

Marcie Knase - tie pin, Esko yearbooks, Air Force uniform, family photos

Jan Beberg's basinette