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Free Childrens Book

The Minnesota Historical Society is offering a free book to kids! The book is about the making of Minnesota and can be shipped to anyone in MN for free! Check out the details and order your free book from their website.  


Carlton Chronicles

Text by Francis M. Carroll. Photos by Marlene Wisuri. Copyright 2006

Summary: History and photos of the buildings, people, and events in early Carlton County


A Hometown Album: Cloquet's Centennial Story

By Larry Luukkonen and Marlene Wisuri 

Copyright 2004 

Summary: A history of the area, lifestyles, and people of Cloquet from 1904 to 2004. 


History of the Thomson Farming Area

By John A. Mattinen. Translated by Richard Impola. copyright 2000

Summary: First hand accounts of early pioneers and their decendants . Includes info on Finnish businesses, families and organizations in Cloquet. First written in Finnish in 1935!


A Brief History of the Pioneers of Cromwell, MN Area

By Bennett A. Beck. Copyright 1962

Summary: A history of businesses, schools, churches, and families in Cromwell. interviews about native culture, logging industry, and agriculture.


Crossroads in Time: A History of Carlton County, MN

By Francis M. Carroll. Copyright 1987

Summary: History starting with the history of the land, to Native Americans, to pioneers and settlers, the building of Cloquet, to the fires, and progress after.


Old Cloquet, Minnesota: White Pine Capitol of the World

By Paul Gerin Fahlstrom Copyright:1997

Summary: A history of Cloquet starting with the Native Americans in Cloquet and moving to prospering businesses and people. 


Reflections of our Past: A Pictorial History of Carlton County, MN. 

Text by Francis M. Carroll. Photos by Marlene Wisuri. Copyright 1997.

Summary: Life in Carlton County from the 1870's through the 1930's.


Eva's Way: Trusting God in Trial and tragedy

By Linda A. Hatinen. Copyright 2015

Summary: A story about a family moving to Minnesota from Finland and facing the fire along with other hardships. 


Kettle River MN Co-op Town USA. A look at the Past 100 Years

Compiled by Betty (Lampel) Lehet


Kettle River Automba, Kalevala and Surrounding Area History and 1918 Fire Stories. 

Compiled by Edwin E. Manni


Ronkainen Logging Camps in Northern MN. 

By Frank T. Ronkainen



Northern Pacific Pioneer Steam Era

By Lorenz P. Schrenk and Robert L. Frey

Contains information, maps, and photos about early trains and railways. 


Books about the 1918 fire

1918 Fire Stories

Compiled by the Moose Lake Area Historical Society Copyright 2018

Summary: Personal stories from survivors of the fire along with photos and a list of the victims 


Fire Storm: The Great Fires of 1918

By Christine Skalko and Marlene Copyright 2003. 

Summary: Contains information about life before, during, and after the fires. 


The Fury of the Flames

published by CCHS and MLHS 

Copyright 1998

The pictorial history of the great forest fires of Northern MN. 


Fire Beast: The Fires of 1918

By Carol Illikainen

Copyright: 2016

Summary: Personal stories from survivors of the fire along with a list of the victims 


Burnished by Fire

By Paul Fahlstrom

Copyright 2012

showing the events of the fire, rebuilding, and census records showing who lived in cloquet after the fire. 


Fire Speaks Our Words: Creative Meditations on the Fires of 1918. A Centennial Tribute

By A collection of Authors. Copyright 2018

Summary: Short stories, poems and photos relating to the experiences in the 1918 fire. 


Minnesota 1918: When Flu, Fire, and War Ravaged the State. 

By Curt Brown 

Copyright 2018

Summary: Stories gathered through letters diary entries and more, to tell the story of Minnesotans living through war, sickness and deadly fire.



Local Authors

Tim Jollymore


Jollymore is the author of six long works of fiction. His four novels, LISTENER IN THE SNOW, OBSERVATION HILL, THE ADVENT OF ELIZABETH, and PEOPLE YOU'VE BEEN BEFORE (2019). His subjects vary widely from murder mystery, to native stories, to intrigue and the survival of tragedy. He is currently at work on a historical novel set in 5th Century North Aftrica, THE 2ND CONFESSION OF ST. AUGUSTING (2021) 

People You've Been Before

The Advent of Elizabeth

Listener in the Snow (Book One)

Lake Stories and Other Tales

The Nothing that is Not There (Sequel to Listener in the Snow)

Observation Hill

Katharine Johnson

Local author known for creative historical fiction focused on Sami culture and Folklore

A bear wants to go to the Mukluk ball but he has three problems to solve, he doesn't know how to dance, he has no Mukluk's, and he's supposed to be sleeping!

All available books:

Born in a Red Canoe (Book One)

Born of an Eclipse (Book Two)

The Wind and the Drum 

Sylvie's Silence 

Susan D. Smith 

Available Books:

The Way I Remember it

The Way They Remember it

The Way We Remember it

While We Still Remember It 

$10 each

Mark Munger

This historical fiction trilogy tells the story of Finnish immigration to the Great Lakes, and Canada. Full of mystery, drama, and heroism.

Darrell J. Pedersen

By Darrell J. Pedersen

Copyright: 2023

A story about growing up in Northern MN


Sharon Doolittle Shuck 

Grandfather's Blood, Memories, and Unbroken Spirit. 

By Sharon Doolittle Shuck Copyright 2019

Summary: The real story of Frank Doolittle, a member of the Bad River band of Ojibwe. written by his granddaughter who showcases his time in a boarding school, time in prison, and more. 


Local Poetry

Complicated Warding

By Michelle Matthees

Copyright 2023

Summary: Poetry about the lives of people who experienced poor farms, asylums, hospitals, orphanages, and more. It includes photos of those affected by these places.  



Bringing Joy

A literary anthology

Winner of the 2022 Minnesota Author Project, Communities Create Category, Bringing Joy: a Local Literary Welcome, is an anthology celebrating the work of world-renowned Mvskoke/ Creek Nation poet and former US poet Laureate Joy Harjo and which commemorated her 2021 virtual visit to Northern MN. A community-based collection, this book showcases the talents of the Northland's finest emerging and established writers and artists. 


Panning Gold

By Patrick Stevens

Copyright 2022

Summary: A collection of poems about what it was like to grow up in Cloquet in the 1950s and 60s. 


Julius Baumann

A Norwegian poet (1869-1923) who wrote over 200 poems in Norwegian. This is a book about his life and some translated poems. 

Book comes with the bookmark-$5

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Heart Berry Stickers


These stickers are custom designs made by local Anishinaabe artist Sara Howes, owner of Heart Berry. 

The "Heart Berry" or Ode'imin is strawberry in Ojibwe, these values are the driving force behind the Heart Berry company and community work. As a Native-owned company, Heart Berry thanks you for supporting Inspired Natives, not Native Inspired,

Heart Berry proudly brings traditional Ojibwe designs to you.

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Butter Bags

These Tote bags are printed on a durable canvas cloth bag with a flat bottom for more storage. We have a Barnum butter and a Mahtowa Honey Blossom Butter design



Double sided laminated bookmarks celebrating 100 years


Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup from Spirit Lake Native Farm in Sawyer


Sold out books

Books By Thomas and Elizabeth Peacock

The Wolf's Trail: An Ojibwe Story Told by Wolves

Copyright 2020

Summary: A full novel about the love between family, the creator, and what has been created. 



Walking Softly 

Copyright 2021

Summary: A full novel about what it means to be a tribal elder. 



The Fire

Illustrated by Anna Granholm

copyright 2021

Summary: A children's book about humans and animals working together to survive a forest fire.



The Dancers

Illistrated by Jacqueline Pske Gill

Copyright 2019

Summary: A children's book about a family of dancers overcoming disability and learning to dance with their hearts.



Illustrated by Anna Granholm

Copyright: 2022

Summary: A girl goes for a adventure in the forest and meets little people who help her find her way home.



Illustrated by Anna Granholm

Copyright: 2022

Summary: A story about what it was like for a Native American girl to live in the early boarding schools.



Illustrated by Annette S. Lee

Copyright: 2019

Summary: A beautiful art book that tells the stories of a Native American family stargazing and imagining stories and ancestors in the stars and northern lights.



The little People and the Water of Life

By Ronda J. Snow

 Illustrated by Eloy Bida

Summary: A book about Anishinaabeg people's traditions and culture 



Rabbit and Otter Go Sugarbushing

By Liz Granholm

Illustrated by Anna Granholm

Copyright: 2021

Summary: A rabbit and an otter try to make maple syrup but its not as easy as they think! Written in English and Ojibwe



Takoza: Walks with the Blue Moon Girl

By Tara Perron 

Illustrated by Alicia Schwab

Copyright: 2020

Summary: A grandmother tells her granddaughter stories and traditions of the Dakota people. 



Animals of Nimaamaa-aki (my Mother Earth) 

By Tara Perron Illistrated by Jacqueline Paske Gill

Copyright: 2020

Summary: A story of animals and their Names in English, Dakota, and Ojibwe



Waabooz miinawaa Nigig

Rabbit and Otter


Following My Spirit Home

By Sam Zimmerman (Zhaawanoogiizhik) 

Copyright: 2022

Summary: A collection of paintings and stories. Sam Zimmerman explores his Ojibwe heritage by sharing his paintings and stories while incorporating the landscape of Lake Superior's North Shore. 



Grasshopper Girl

By Teresa R. Peterson

Illustrated by Jordan Rogers

Copyright: 2019

Summary: A story about a Dakota family and their traditional stories