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A Fundraiser Campaign for the 

Carlton County Historical Society 


Please consider joining The Carlton County Historical Society. 

If you are a member, please renew early. And if you are able, please contribute.


Call CCHS at 218-879-1938 or go online at Join Give Sustain CCHS.


Please give on a recurring basis.  

Spreading your contribution out over 12 months may allow you to give more and you will provide steady and essential support for this great local organization.


If you are 70½ or older, please consider a charitable distribution gift from your IRA.

Federal law allows these qualified charitable distribution gifts to be made, without the withdrawal being treated as taxable income, and the gift counts toward the required minimum distribution. 


Become a Sustainer

Friends who give on a recurring basis or from their IRAs become sustainers of CCHS. You will receive advance notice of special events and insider briefings about the exciting developments at CCHS.  Sustainers assure that CCHS moves forward with strong and steady support.  Sustainers keep CCHS’ program open to new ideas and connections between the past and present, taking us closer to the bright future we all desire for our region.


Thank you

Donating Items

Each week, individuals bring us items that they would like to donate.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept every donation.  The decision whether to accept a donation or not is guided by our Collection Management Policy, which was updated as of March 2023.  Here are a few highlights:

We collect artifacts from the time of the arrival of the first Native Americans in this region to the present day, with emphasis on Ojibwe culture, the logging of the forests that covered our region, the rise and fall of railroads in our region, the Great Fires of 1918, and of the development of agriculture. 

Relevance to Carlton County. The item(s) was actively used, displayed, or worn by individuals, businesses, or organizations in Carlton County, and should clearly represent the way of life in the county.

Click here to read the FULL POLICY

Donations of historical artifacts, records, or photographs to the historical society are reviewed for acceptance into the CCHS collection. Once accepted, we ask donors to sign a donation agreement with the Historical Society stating the following: I hereby give the items listed above to the Carlton County Historical Society as an unrestricted gift. I acknowledge that this contribution becomes the permanent property of the Carlton County Historical Society to be utilized at the discretion of the Society.

We also welcome monetary donations so that we can continue offering quality services to our public. Donations to the Historical Society are tax deductible.