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This section of the painting was published in a newspaper when the painting was first created. its the only photo we could find that showed some of the colors used in the painting! 

The artist, Dewey Albinson. 

History Mystery- The Missing Painting. 

In other news- The Pine Knot News contacted us about a history mystery. What happened to the 10 ft painting that used to be in the Cloquet post office? After a bit of digging, we found photos of it and the artist along with an article about the mystery, but no solid answers! Click the button to read the Pine Knot Article  and let us know if you can solve the mystery!

Womens History 

Read about our women's history celebration! 

Pine Journal 

Typewriting Camp Article 

Pine Knot News

Edward Kennedy Memorial 

Pine Knot News

50th anniversary of Cloquet Plane Crash

Hidden Gems of Cloquet 

Read about who we are and what we do

Pine Knot News

Mojakka 2021

Pine Knot News

Pine Knot News

Pine Knot News

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